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Small Haul's

Fall Food Haul

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- Any food items -

From produce to nonperishable

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Have you booked a move with us? We will gladly keep any donation items to bring to Rose's Bounty during our bi-monthly drop off days!

If you have not booked a move but would still like to donate, we have specific time slots throughout the month to pick up your donations right from your home.


From Nov 6-30, we will be collecting ANY non-expired food items (produce, canned goods, frozen meals) to donate to Rose's Bounty


What better way to give back to your community than donating food you may have otherwise thrown out before your move? Food goes to a good cause - and you save a few boxes!

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booked customers:

If you have already booked a move with us, please text us that you would like to add a donation to your move. Or let your crew know that you would like to make a food donation.

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Donation pickup only:

Sign up for a scheduled pickup slot to have our team come right to you for a donation pickup. Better yet, get your friends to bring a few items and we'll haul it all for free.  

More ways to give

GEt involved

We are always looking for extra hands to help.
We'll coordinate pickups scheduled around your time. 

other ideas

  • Reusable bags

  • Unused moving boxes

  • Monetary donations (checks only - made to Rose's Bounty)

spread the word

donate your platform

Spread the message to your community!
A share is just as good as a donation. 


Check out our Instagram for shareable content: @smallhaulboston

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