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moving tips from
the small move specialists

Tip 1: Declutter

Now is the time to dispose, sell, or donate any furniture or items you don't want to take with you. 

We offer item disposal services for any furniture pieces you would like to recycle. 


Tip 2: Boxes? Bags?

Pack your loose, miscellaneous items into medium U-Haul or Home Depot boxes. 

Put clothing, bedding, and soft items into plastic trash bags. 

For books or heavy items, use rolling suitcases for easy transport. 


Tip 3: Fragile Items

Clean socks are great for stemmed glassware. Fill empty spaces in cups to protect them. 

Mirrors, paintings, TVs and fragile boxes should be separated from regular items, as they will be loaded into the vehicle last.

Clearly label all boxes "FRAGILE", and point these out to our crew upon arrival. 


Tip 4: Mattresses

Whoever designed mattresses never had to move them!

To help us transport your mattress, make sure all bedding is stripped. If you buy a mattress cover, we recommend the fabric covers instead of the plastic covers. Reusable AND easy to grip!

mattress 2.png

Tip 5: Skip the Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are bulky, awkward, and expensive. 

Slide a plastic trash bag over your hanging clothes, poke the hangers through the bag, and tie the bottom closed. 


Tip 6: Bulky Furniture

If you have bulky or heavy furniture (couches, bureaus, armoires, etc), make sure these items will fit at the destination (no one likes getting a couch stuck in a stairwell!). 

Send measurements, photos, and the approximate weight to your moving company. They will greatly appreciate your preparedness!


Tip 7: The Night Before

Move all boxes towards the front entrance and make sure all miscellaneous items are put into boxes or bags - no loose items, please!

Confirm and prepare all loading docks, freight elevators, or parking permits for a smooth move. 


Tip 8: Moving Day

When your crew is on the way, you can send your Captain a text with a location pin to where they should park (especially for loading docks!). That way, your crew can quickly find where to park and get your move started promptly.  


Ready to move?

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