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5 Tips for Moving Success

The moving process can feel chaotic and take more energy and resources than expected. According to, roughly 15.3 million households in America move each year. The typical American household has roughly 2.3 people each, so that's a lot of belongings to move! During the moving process, many things can go wrong. It's imperative to be aware of what you need to do to ensure success. Let's look at five things that help.

Hook Utilities Up in Advance

If possible, have your utilities set up before the move. If you want your new home (or apartment) ready as soon as possible, having utility companies switched over early on is essential. It takes some time for internet providers, cable, gas, and electric companies to get everything switched over and running smoothly. Delays may mean difficulty streaming favorite shows, games, or doing online work.

Check Your Lists Twice

Take an inventory of your things, because if you don't know what you have, then chances are extremely high that something will disappear. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes prized possessions are hidden in places you've forgotten about. While you're taking inventory of your possessions, it also gives you a chance to start sorting things you want to keep or want to remove.

Separate Essentials for Your First Two Weeks

Once you move into your new place, you're going to find the cupboards, fridge, and closets bare. Start estimating what things you'll need for the first two weeks in your new place to be comfortable. Separate these things into one area of your home. As you pack these things away, clearly label the box "Unpack first" or "Immediate" or something similar to help you remember. Include toiletries, shower curtains, cleaning supplies, towels, bedding, clean clothes, extra electronic chargers and adapters, basic school supplies, basic cooking utensils, and some non-perishable groceries.

Use Boxes and Sturdy Containers as Much as Possible

Use sturdy boxes or other closable rectangle or square containers. Using these shapes will help you pack your items into a moving van or storage unit easier. As you load everything into your new home, you can stack the belongings against a wall in each room where the items might belong, giving you room to move around and settle in at your own pace.

Purchase Extra Garbage Bags

When you move out of one place, there will be lots of garbage you did not initially anticipate. As you move into your new home, there will be packing material to get rid of, packaging to throw away for any new items you might have purchased for the new place, and still more garbage as you find straggler things you no longer want to keep as you're unpacking.

The best way to ensure success while you're moving is to start the organization process as far in advance as possible before your move-out date occurs. Start paring down your items to keep only things you'll really either need or want to save for your new space. Don't forget to consider taking cleaning items, new shower curtains, and some groceries to have upon your arrival.

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