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Review Responses

The Internet has changed the way that business and customers interact. 

Reviews are a key part of a customer's research process when selecting a service. We appreciate reviews - the good and the bad - because they give us valuable feedback as well as a channel to share our side of the story.  

We have set up this page to allow for a space to further respond or set the record straight for a review that is less than perfect. You, as the customer, ultimately get to make the decision for yourself. We hope to provide the facts. 

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We have searched our records for a customer with your name, and asked our crews if they had an experience that lines up with this story. After a few days of searching, we have found no records of a Mike Astro, but we did speak to a crew that had an experience that has some partial relation to your story. Here is what we found:


  1. We received a last-minute request on September 2nd, 2019 from a Michael Asta***a (although he did not look like the profile photo of the reviewer) to move a 2 piece sectional up 1 internal flight of stairs. We offered a flat rate of $250 because the details of the move seemed straightforward.

  2. A crew arrived shortly after, and after assessing the first internal flight of stairs, it was quickly realized that the couch would not be possible to bring up due to its size and the tightness of the curve at the top of the staircase. 

  3. The second section of the couch was brought up 4 flights of external stairs. The crew made every effort to protect the leather couch from sharp nails and corners by padding all railings and stairs. On top of that, it had begun to rain, and the crew needed to move quickly but carefully.

  4. As time elapsed, the crew did speak with Michael and his partner that they were about to reach the flat rate cap, since this job was above and beyond what had been listed in the request form details. A new estimate was verbally agreed upon at our standard hourly rate. 

  5. The crew successfully brought up 1 section of the couch. Since the other section was in the lobby, and it was raining outside, it was not recommended to bring it up the external flight of stairs at the time. The crew measured the couch and the internal stairs and found that it was not possible to bring up this way, but Michael and his partner requested to make an attempt. Two attempts were made with all 4 people, but the stairs were too tight and the couch was brought back to the lobby.

  6. We did offer to possibly hoist the couch the next day if the rain had dried and we had sufficient manpower available (please keep in mind that this is during peak moving time). 

  7. Upon billing (which was accepted via Venmo), we were actually very apologetic that we were unable to bring up the second piece, as this to us is just as much of a failure as it would be to you as the customer. We do not like to arrive to a job where the details we were given were not accurate enough for us to make a call before arriving. It’s frustrating for the customer and the crew. 

  8. A text message was sent to Michael at 8:59pm on Monday, Sep 2nd, letting him know that the structure of the balcony would need a very sturdy anchor point or 3-4 people for a hoist, which we just did not have for the next day. We received no response from Michael, and have not heard from him since. 


Whether this move was Mike Astro’s or Michael Asta***a’s, the point here is that we did not perform the move laid out in the review. We performed the move described above. If you do have feedback for us, or are dissatisfied as a customer, please just remember this: we are human, and while we offer our services, skills, and knowledge for payment, we truly try our best to be fair, honest, and do good work. 


One of our managers, Azuraye, was on this move, and was extremely disappointed to see this review appear a month after the fact, when there was an open line of communication between Small Haul and the customer. There are often solutions that do not require a negative review that impacts all the hard work a company does to earn those 5-star reviews.  


Thank you,

Small Haul

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