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Boston's Moving Hauliday

Boston's most hectic moving day is fast approaching. August 31st and September 1st are the peak moving "haulidays", minus the presents. 

We have set up a program to make moving at the end of August stress-free and painless.

Our Small Haul Hauliday Program is designed to do just that:

Avoid the rush

  • We offer a flat-rate* moving and storage package for those with flexible moving dates:

    • Move out between 8/23 - 8/27 and move in after 9/3

    • $1,500 for up to 8 hours of moving services and storage for up to 10 days


  • Get your supplies early and pack with sturdy, uniform boxes

  • Put clothing in plastic bags - avoid wardrobe boxes

  • Disassemble furniture as much as possible

  • Remove all items from drawers

  • Use a color-coding system for labeling items going to specific rooms at drop off

  • Put your full name on all boxes

  • Stack all boxes by the entryway


  • Moving Supplies Package: $150

    • 5 small boxes

    • 5 medium boxes

    • 2 large boxes

    • 1 tape

    • 1 packing paper

  • Survival Kit: $150

    • Blow-up mattress​

    • Blow-up chair

    • Toiletries travel kit

To take advantage of our $1,500 Hauliday moving package, please submit a request and write in the code "HAULIDAY" in the notes section. 

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